15 Celebrities Who Promote Public Breastfeeding as Normalcy

“Breastfeeding poses challenges, yet a mother’s dedication to nourish her child is unwavering. One common hurdle many mothers encounter is breastfeeding in public. While many offer support, some label this act as ‘shameful’ when done in plain view.

We’ve compiled 15 images of celebrity mothers proudly breastfeeding in public, aiming to normalize this natural act. If you’re hesitant about nursing in public, take inspiration from these moms and prioritize your baby’s needs without hesitation!”

Milla Jovovich

2. Tess Holliday

3. Liv Tyler

4. Iskra Lawrence

5. Candice Swanepoel

6. Troian Bellisario

7. Eva Longoria

8. Jenna Dewan

9. Gisele Bündchen

10. Tia Mowry

11. Olivia Wilde

12. Kate Upton

13. Karolina Kurkova

14. Ashley Graham

15. Emily Ratajkowski

Share with us in the comments: What’s the most challenging experience you’ve faced while breastfeeding?

Written by Emily

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