A Walkthrough How Women Swimsuits Have Changed From The 1910s Till Now

Different times bring different changes to us and everything, here are the changes that women swimsuits have done through the years

Before 18 century, there were no specific clothes to wear if you wanted to go to the beach and have a swim in the sea. It all started to change when moving and visiting other places and tourist attractions became more accessible to people.

At first, it was a bit difficult for women to undress and have a swim barely clothed. The society of that time was judgemental towards free and emancipated women.

We at Twist Panda have collected 12 photos of different periods of history for you to see how our women have changed swimsuits from time to time.

1. Swimsuit from the 1910s.

The rising of railway transport made way for tourism to expand and flourish. The boom of tourism made people travel more and visit different resorts, but it was uncommon for them to get undressed to swim at the beach. The first swimsuit for women was a pair of wide pants and a dress.

2. Swimsuit from the 1920s.

The big change came at the Olympic games, held in 1912. The addition of swimming as one of the competing sports led to an immediate need for a new design of swimwear. The big pants and dresses could make the athletes not achieve great results. Women athletes were introduced first to the new swimsuits, making them show more of their bodies, like legs and arms.

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