Advocate Calls on Airlines to Adapt Seating as Bodies Change in 2024

Gracie Bon, a 26-year-old social media influencer from Panama, took to Instagram to express her dissatisfaction with airline seats, specifically advocating for larger seats to accommodate her figure. In a video highlighting her challenges as a plus-sized woman during flights, Gracie struggled to fasten her seatbelt, emphasizing the need for more spacious seating.

Walking through the airport on a moving walkway, Gracie shared her perspective, asserting that airplanes should have bigger seats. Describing her recent flight experience, even in first class, she stressed the urgency of her petition for airlines to consider the comfort of individuals like her.

Gracie defended herself, stating, “It’s not my fault I have a butt this big,” and implored airlines to factor this into their seat size decisions. Her Instagram video gained widespread attention, accumulating over 89,000 likes, though it also faced dissenting opinions.

Critics suggested buying two seats or questioned her past surgeries, while supporters echoed the need for more accommodating seat sizes. One supporter mentioned the necessity of a larger seat and a softer seatbelt buckle.

In response to the discourse, Gracie posted another video, declaring, “Airplanes are too small for big people” and emphasizing the changing body landscape in 2024. The article concludes by highlighting Rubi, a woman who underwent significant body transformation after eight childbirths, showcasing the diverse challenges individuals face in celebrating their individuality.

Written by Emily

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