Meet Andrea Ivanova, The 24-Year-Old Bulgarian Woman With The ‘Biggest Lips In The World’

Andrea Ivanova had her first round of lip injections in 2018 when she was 21 years old and proudly boasts of having the world’s biggest lips while calling herself the “Balkan Barbie.”

Andrea Ivanova/Instagram

Andrea Ivanova embarked on her cosmetic endeavor in 2018.

Andrea Ivanova is 24 years old and has spent most of her adult life fashioning herself into the “Balkan Barbie.” And with 26 lip injections, she boasts of having the “biggest lips in the world” — but she isn’t done yet.

Ivanova has spent thousands of dollars on these cosmetic body modifications. It’s only been three years since she embarked on her journey of physical enhancement, but she has already amassed a loyal legion of online supporters, some of whom regularly offer her money or invite her on free trips.

Although it’s her lips that have garnered the most attention, Andrea Ivanova has also had surgery to enhance her bust size and lengthen her face to change the shape of her chin and jawline. And she plans to have her 27th lip injection just in time for Christmas — with more surgeries on the horizon.

Written by Abid Dharamsy

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