Woman Challenges Unrealistic Body Standards With Side-By-Side “Real Me Monday” Photos Of Herself (20 Pics)

We live in a world that is very much influenced by social media. And what we usually scroll through is a never-ending chain of pictures that showcase happy people with perfect bodies in beautiful places. If there were times when these moments from someone’s life used to encourage us to strive for more and for the better, now often people find these images to be a reminder that someone is doing much more than you. Despite the fact that society doesn’t avoid various discussions about body image, it’s still quite rare to see people who are open about how they really look in reality, without trying to force perfect body image.

One of these people is Bree Lenehan, who is a social media content creator and business owner. The woman who already has an army of followers caught everyone’s attention by posting side-by-side pictures of her posed and real-looking body. 

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The woman, who is known for her followers on social media as a Youtuber and the author, talks about health, self-love, and positivity. Bree started posting these two-sided pictures every Monday, calling it “Real Me Monday” by revealing that good looks can be posed and that people should love their bodies for what they look like in reality.




Bree shared that she was surprised to see so many people love her idea of showing her real self and encouraging others to do so. “It made sense to me that people are craving realness & relatability instead of the posed, perfected, fakeness we usually consume on social media. It made my heart happy to help people feel better and more loving towards themselves”, added the woman.

Written by Abid Dharamsy

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