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Elizabeth Hurley talks about why it felt “freeing” to film close moments with her son.

Elizabeth Hurley, a renowned actress, embarked on a unique cinematic endeavor alongside her 22-year-old son, Damian. Together, they ventured into the realm of filmmaking, creating a project that intertwined their familial bond with their passion for storytelling. Damian, eager to explore his directorial skills, took the helm for the first time, guiding his mother through the intricacies of the production process.

Their collaborative effort gave rise to “Strictly Confidential,” a film that delves into the life of a widow named Lily, played by Elizabeth. Lily’s quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding the deaths of her daughter and husband forms the crux of the narrative. Throughout the storyline, her complicated relationship with her daughter’s friend adds layers of emotion and depth to the plot.

Amidst the filming process, Damian orchestrated intimate scenes involving his mother, a creative choice that garnered attention and stirred discussions. Despite any raised eyebrows, Elizabeth staunchly defended the inclusion of these scenes, citing their significance in authentically portraying the characters’ emotional journeys.

For Elizabeth, working alongside Damian brought a sense of security and comfort. She cherished the opportunity to collaborate with her son, both as a director and as a trusted family member. The experience of navigating the complexities of filmmaking together was deeply fulfilling for both mother and son.

However, their collaboration didn’t escape scrutiny. Some, like psychotherapist Dr. Jenn Mann, voiced concerns about the blurred boundaries between parent and adult child, particularly in the context of intimate professional interactions.

Despite differing opinions, Elizabeth remains steadfast in her support of their work. She firmly believes in the artistic integrity of the film and the value of their collaborative effort. The experience has left her feeling empowered and proud, and she remains open to the possibility of future collaborations with Damian in the film industry.

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