John Legend Shares Adorable Snaps Cuddling With His 11-Month-Old Daughter Esti

Handling four kids simultaneously is a challenging task.

John Legend, the Grammy-winning artist, shares his joy with four children — Wren, Esti, Miles, and Luna — alongside his wife Chrissy Teigen. His affectionate nature as a father shines through in the heartwarming new photos he recently posted.

Legend, discussing his children, noted their remarkable similarities, likening them to twins. Wren, their latest addition welcomed in June, joined the family just five months after Esti. He acknowledged the vital support they receive from Chrissy’s mother and a baby nurse, recognizing it as a cherished privilege.

Sharing insights into their expanding family, Legend highlighted the immense happiness and positivity these new additions bring to their household. “They bring so much joy, and they’re such a blessing,” he remarked, expressing gratitude for the presence of these little ones.

Over the weekend, John Legend delighted fans by sharing adorable photos of himself cuddling with his baby daughter, Esti, on the floor. In the snapshots, Esti, dressed in a pink onesie, nestles against her father’s chest, radiating warmth and affection. Legend, expressing his deep affection, captioned the post with, “In love with my 11-month-old.”

Commenters couldn’t help but gush over the heart-melting pictures, praising the beautiful bond between a loving father and his precious daughter. “Such a heartwarming sight! The love between a dad and his baby is priceless,” one commenter expressed, marveling at how quickly Esti seems to be growing.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been transparent about their journey through parenthood, openly sharing both the joys and the challenges. They’ve candidly discussed the complexities and emotions surrounding the birth of their child, Wren, who was welcomed via surrogacy.

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