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Mapping the 2024 Solar Eclipse: Totality Path, Peak Times, and Visibility Across the U.S. Today

Today, a total solar eclipse traverses North America, casting parts of 15 U.S. states into the path of totality. Detailed maps illustrate where and when enthusiasts of astronomy can witness this remarkable event, as the skies dim in the middle of Monday, April 8.

The total eclipse will debut along Mexico’s Pacific Coast at approximately 11:07 a.m. PDT, before journeying across a swath of the U.S. from Texas to Maine, extending into Canada.

According to NASA, approximately 31.6 million people reside within the path of totality, where the moon will entirely obscure the sun. This path will vary between 108 and 122 miles wide. Moreover, an additional 150 million individuals live within 200 miles of the path of totality.

Solar eclipse path of totality map for 2024

Duration of 2024 total solar eclipse

The solar eclipse occurring on April 8 stretches from Texas to Maine. Depending on your position along the depicted path, you may witness daylight transitioning into dusk for approximately four minutes and 28 seconds.

United States map displaying the path of the 2024 solar eclipse and indicating specific regions with varying durations of the eclipse. © OpenStreetMap contributors Map: Taylor Johnston / CBS News Source: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio

Commencing over the Pacific Ocean, the total solar eclipse will commence at Mexico’s Pacific Coast, approximately at 11:07 a.m. PDT on April 8, as noted by NASA. Progressing through Texas, the eclipse will traverse more than a dozen states before reaching Canada, terminating in southern Ontario. Departing continental North America around 5:16 p.m. NDT from Newfoundland, Canada.

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