Miranda Cohen: Breaking Boundaries in Fitness Modeling

In 2019, Miranda courageously shared her breast augmentation surgery journey on social media, garnering immense support from her fans. Despite facing challenges due to her congenital heart condition, Miranda refused to be defined by it, instead channeling her focus towards her strengths and passion for fitness, influenced by her mother and supported by her workout partner, Lucas Cherroci.

Maintaining a discreet personal life, Miranda refrains from sharing details about her relationships, prioritizing her career in fitness and brand-building endeavors.

Standing at 5’6″ and weighing 65 kg, Miranda epitomizes a fit and toned physique, with her blue eyes, blonde hair, and confidence serving as testaments to her dedication to fitness and healthy living.

Miranda’s commitment to fitness has translated into substantial success, with her ventures like Miranda Dream Fit and collaborations with brands such as 1st Phorm and Mega Fit Meals contributing to a thriving business estimated at $1-2 million. Beyond her fitness endeavors, Miranda’s influential social media presence boasts 4.5 million Instagram followers, 2.9 million on TikTok, and a YouTube channel with 280k subscribers.

Written by Emily

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