Mom Responds to Accusations of Seeking Attention through Public Breastfeeding

Public breastfeeding is a natural and unashamed act that women should feel empowered to do. An 18-year-old mother is fervently advocating for her right to breastfeed openly without using a cover-up. Her candid discussions about the challenges of nursing her 2-year-old provide a refreshing perspective.

Strangers cast unwelcome glances her way.

Shania O’Neill confidently breastfeeds her daughter in public settings and feels at ease doing so in various places. “It could be anywhere; whether on public transport, in a restaurant, or even while shopping with a stroller—I’ll feed her wherever we happen to be,” she remarked.

However, Shania has faced unwelcome attention from strangers, which she finds bothersome. “Breasts are meant for feeding babies. It’s a natural thing,” she emphasized.

She emphasizes the significance of public breastfeeding.

Explaining her position further, the Gen Z mother expressed her confusion at people thinking she seeks attention. “I’m just doing something so natural that was considered normal 60 years ago,” she added.

This young mother cannot be deterred.

Shania’s journey as a public breastfeeding advocate began unexpectedly at the age of 16 when she became pregnant with Isabella. Initially hesitant about breastfeeding, she shared, “Trying it completely changed me. It has created such an incredible bond.”

While initially using a cover-up while nursing, she eventually stopped as it made her uncomfortable. “Covering up with a blanket was difficult because I had to keep checking underneath it every few seconds. Now I don’t use one at all, and it’s much simpler,” she explained.

Despite facing criticism, Shania remains firm in her commitment to openly breastfeeding. “You wouldn’t ask a mother using a bottle to cover up the bottle,” she argued.

The 18-year-old encourages other mothers to adopt her approach and ignore societal judgments. “I urge moms to embrace it without any concerns. Your baby’s needs come first,” she concluded.

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