Outstanding Roofer Amazes with Her Exceptional Craftsmanship

Priscilla Laruffer, a remarkable roofer, challenges the notion that work quality is determined by gender. Thriving in a predominantly male-dominated industry, she showcases her daily work on TikTok, inspiring others with her unwavering determination and exceptional skills.

Priscilla, aged 24, successfully manages the responsibilities of motherhood while concurrently serving as a contractor and realtor.

Priscilla adeptly works with an array of roofing materials such as tiles, slates, and flat roofs. She takes pride in her skillful installation of skylights, frequently showcasing her impressive work on social media

“I haven’t got no handouts. So yes I stand proud of what I do & who I am because only I know the sweat and tears it has taken me.”

Nevertheless, she encounters criticism for being perceived as too slow and emphasizing glamour in her work. A dissatisfied individual expressed, “It looks beautiful and all, but it creates additional work for those of us involved in repairs.”

Written by Emily

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