It’s Been A While Since We Checked In On The Fine People Of Walmart (50 Pics)

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on one of my favorite memes from days of old (that’s also still going strong): People of Walmart.


Who are the people of Walmart?

Funny you should ask. According to the founders, The People Of Walmart blog was created in 2009 after its creators took a trip to a South Carolina Walmart and noticed a woman who “looked like a stripper” in a T-shirt that read “go f*** yourself” while accompanied by a two-year-old. Since then they’ve been bringing us the best of the worst that Walmart has to offer.

And It turns out, Walmart shoppers are still as unfortunate as ever. 

Walmart is still where people don’t worry about looks or etiquette. Walmart is still where people are free. Walmart is still America, Jack! If you don’t like it, then… make sure you take your camera. There’s some pretty funny stuff going on there.

And if you’re ever wondering “how should I act in public?” then you’re probably one of those stuck-up Target shoppers.

From R-rated shoppers to full-on nude shoppers, and every trashy, weird, and obscene thing in-between, here are some of our “favorite” funny people of Walmart.

Written by Leia

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