Selena Gomez Faced Body Shaming After Her Recent Red Carpet Appearance, Responding in a Remarkable Way

During the 80th Golden Globes, Selena Gomez captivated attention with her stunning red-carpet appearance. Despite exuding radiance and confidence, some individuals couldn’t resist commenting on her appearance. Nevertheless, Gomez handled these criticisms with grace and wit, earning even more admiration.

The 30-year-old star opted to bring her 9-year-old half-sister, Gracie, to the event, and the duo charmed everyone with their adorable smiles for the cameras. Gomez’s strapless black gown, featuring a thigh-high split and violet puffed sleeves, beautifully complemented her silhouette.

Unfortunately, a few online commenters chose to focus on the performer’s body, remarking about her weight gain. In response to these comments, the singer-songwriter went live on Instagram with her sister Gracie by her side.

Gomez humorously acknowledged, “I’m a little bit bigger right now because I enjoyed myself during the holidays,” playfully asking her sister, “Right?” Gracie seemed to nod in agreement with her older sister. Gomez continued, “But we don’t care,” and both sisters burst into laughter. By shrugging off these comments, Gomez not only set a positive example for her younger sister but also for countless girls and women worldwide. She emphasized that embracing and feeling good in your body, regardless of size, is what truly matters. Ultimately, self-love radiates from within, enhancing one’s confidence


This isn’t the first instance where Gomez confronted comments about her body. In April 2022, she addressed critics by expressing that foregoing her favorite foods for a slimmer figure wasn’t worth it. Gomez confidently stated, “I am perfect the way I am,” a sentiment many resonate with.

Do you also believe Selena Gomez looked stunning on the red carpet? What tips do you have for staying confident and comfortable in your skin?

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