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The Internet Debates the Controversial Trend of Getting ‘Permanent Freckles’ Tattooed on the Face

Daisy Foxglove has gained widespread attention for her application of permanent freckles on her clients’ faces. Through captivating videos on TikTok, she showcases her procedure, displaying before-and-after transformations. Despite her skillful artistry, the tattooist faces significant criticism for her audacious approach.

The jaw dropping before and after results

In a recent TikTok post, the cosmetic tattoo artist documented her process of creating a “full face of heavy-coverage freckle tattoos” on a red-haired woman named Silje. The video commenced with Silje, radiating joy, while Daisy commented, “My client has such beautiful skin, but as you can see, her features were made for freckles.”

Foxglove elaborated that Silje had “a couple of natural freckles here and there,” which served as her foundation to craft the elaborate heavy-coverage freckles.

Detailing her technique, the artist emphasized her client-centric approach, always involving clients in the freckle mapping process, ensuring their full satisfaction before commencing the inking.

The video transitioned to the “freshly done” appearance on Silje’s face, displaying prominent freckles on her cheeks, chin, and forehead, still bold and dark due to the recent inking, accompanied by slight redness.

Foxglove’s post garnered over 330 comments and 80k likes, empowering individuals who naturally possess freckles but previously considered them a nuisance. Some expressed surprise, contrasting their efforts to conceal freckles with the trend of tattooing them.

The video didn’t leave anyone indifferent.

Assuring the client, Foxglove explained that the color intensity of the artificial freckles would diminish by approximately 50% over time, and any skin irritation or redness would subside during the healing process.

While many praised Daisy’s work, acknowledging the appealing look of the client’s inked freckles, some critics questioned the authenticity of the outcome. Concerns were raised about the long-term appearance of the tattoos, with queries regarding their aging over 10 or 20 years.

While freckles are undeniably beautiful, there remains a sentiment that those naturally adorned with them should embrace and celebrate their uniqueness.

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