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Violinist’s Childhood Bully Asks Her To Play At Her Wedding For Free—She Gives Her A Reality Check

“Hey girl!!! It’s been forever. I’m getting married, and I totally want you to play violin for my ceremony. It would be the perfect gift,” the bride-to-be wrote

Image credits: tiffanymooreviolin

Tiffany’s response didn’t sit well with the bride-to-be, who labeled her services as “overpriced” before asking her to “help a girl out” by offering a special discount.

“I really want violin music for my big day and it’s not difficult music I want, either. I want to be friends with you and leave the past behind us,” the childhood bully insisted.

Tiffany’s childhood bully said playing at her wedding would help her “build [her] performance portfolio”

Image credits: tiffanymooreviolin

The experienced violinist wasn’t too convinced by the woman’s sudden sense of remorse, so she declined the proposal.

“I already have friends, thanks. I don’t have time to entertain your ignorance,” she responded.

“What I offer is labeled as a luxury service. Clients prefer to invest in their wedding day entertainment with a seasoned professional who provides exemplary skills, high quality instruments and equipment, and someone who is well-versed in how weddings are run efficiently. That, my dear, is why people choose me.”

Mic drop.

Written by Leia

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