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Violinist’s Childhood Bully Asks Her To Play At Her Wedding For Free—She Gives Her A Reality Check

“WAIT! My former bully is getting married on Mean Girls Day?? This is too much,” Tiffany said, referencing the famous film about a group of girls known as The Plastics, who bullied their way into high school popularity.

“I have to decline your $1,000 offer and also refuse to work for ‘exposure.’

“Charge your 300 guests a $5 entertainment fee, and you’ll have my music services covered.

“Assuming you realize the entertainment suggestion is a joke, the answer is obviously still no.

“In the words of Phoebe Buffay, ‘I wish I could, but I don’t want to.’”

“I’m devastated. But I’m out of tissues so I have to wipe my tears with the tip money I got from my clients this weekend,” Tiffany responded after her former bully called her a “b**ch”

Image credits: tiffanymooreviolin

Written by Leia

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