Miranda Cohen: Breaking Boundaries in Fitness Modeling

Educationally, Miranda attended Lakeview High School before pursuing her studies at Western Michigan University. It was during her university tenure that she discovered her passion for fitness, laying the foundation for her career in the industry.

Miranda’s fitness journey commenced at the young age of 12 when she served as a caddy for golfers, sparking her interest in physical fitness. She later honed her skills in various dance styles through competitive endeavors.

Joining the Western Michigan University dance team proved pivotal for Miranda, as she found a mentor who instilled self-belief in her, aiding her in overcoming doubts and prioritizing her physique and nutrition for self-improvement.

Driven by her passion for aiding others in achieving their fitness goals, Miranda founded Miranda Dream Fit, an online platform offering personalized health and fitness training. Certified as both an instructor and trainer, she offers guidance and resources for transformation, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to embark on their fitness journeys.

Written by Emily

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